Loli Cries!

Freaking Atomic Questions

General stuff

Who are you?
A bunch of perverted geeks, nothing more.
Your ☠ site doesn't work with [not Firefox]
Short answer: we don't care.
Long answer: we don't care & Firefox is free. Go and get it.


Where is the form to send my favorite loli cry?
There isn't, but you can contact us through IRC (see page footer) and we can then agree with various ways to share files.
Why don't you just add a ☠ form?
We hate all web-related development and actually already failed to do that.
Also, after one year, no one ever tried to make a single cry, so we just don't care.
And finally, we just don't want to have complicated setup on server-side. Let's KISS.
You guys are awesome, I want to help you the hard way
Then you can start by cloning the public repository on github, hack it like a boss (loli add/edit, CSS improvements, …), commit your awesome stuff and request a merge.

Image & sound stuff

How do I extract my favorite loli shout?
If you are running Linux, it's quite easy. Just use the following command: ffmpeg -i My-great-anime.avi -vn -ss 14:22.4 -t 00:00:03.230 -aq 7 -ac 2 -acodec libvorbis -y out.ogg and that's all. -ss and -t are timestamps following the format.
You can use whichever method you like (or can use) as soon as you ouput an Ogg/Vorbis file.
Note: if the video has multiple audio streams and the japanese one isn't selected, what you're searching for is certainly the -map option.
How do I extract my favorite loli pic?
On Linux – yeah, again – it's quite easy. You can use: ffmpeg -i My-great-anime.avi -ss 1094.1 -r 1 -f image2 My-great-anime.png
How do I convert my loli pic to the right resolution?
Linux answer, use ImageMagick: mogrify -resize 300x200 My-great-anime.png